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Amrit-Fal 19:19:19 1Kg

Amrit-Fal 19:19:19 1Kg

It helps in maintaining NPK nutrient balance in the plant and makes them easily and speedily available. It can be used with any type of pesticides foliar spray as well as in Fertigation.

  • 19:19:19 is fully & rapidly soluble in water.
  • Providing N,P & K with equal proportion.
  • Free flowing, fine crystalline powder.
  • Useful for all fertigation systems.
  • Free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements to plants.
  • Used as starter grade for complete healthy growth.
  • Good source for N in 3 forms – amide, ammoniacal & nitrate.
  • Application

    Amrit Fal  has excellent solubility and prevents clogging of drip emitters and sprayer nozzles.

    Dosage & Method of Use: For small pots , dissolve 3 to 5 grams of Amrit Fal in one litres of water (for one small or medium potted plant).

    For filed crops & tree crops: Apply 1 kg/acre as foliar spray or soil drench in the required water. You may: Pour the solution directly into soil or Spray the solution on the leaves of the plant. Foliar spray gives quicker results.

  • Storage

    Amrit Fal  can be stored in the unopened original container for several years. Opened containers should be used up or be resealed immediately as Amrit Fal water soluble fertilizer is hygroscopic. Any hardening of the product that may occur during prolonged storage does not influence the chemical quality and solubility of the product.Store in a cool & dry place, away from moisture, heat or kindling. Avoided mixing with organic compound, Sulphur or reducer during storage and transportation in case of explosion.Protect the material from the sun or rain during transportation.

  • Legal Disclaimer

    The technical information sheet consists of statements based on our present knowledge and we do not claim it to be complete or fully accurate. We reserve the right to make changes. All specific circumstances depend on the individual location, storage and growing conditions, which are beyond our knowledge and influence. We do not offer any guarantee or accept any liability for individual cases .The information provided must not be considered as a substitute for individual advice. It is neither binding nor does it form part of a contract for the provision of advice or information.
    Notice to the buyer: It has been proven by careful tests that the product is suitable for the recommended purposes when used in accordance with our instruction set. However, since storage and use are beyond our control and we are unable to foresee all  arising circumstances therefrom, we are only liable for a consistent quality of the product, but the risk of its storage and use is not borne by us.

  • Specification

      % on Dry Weight Basis
    Moisture % by weight 0.5% max
    Total Nitrogen content, %by weight  19.0% min
    Ammonical Nitrogen % by weight 4.50%min
    Urea Nitrogen % by weight 10.5%max
    Nitrate Nitrogen % by weight 4.0%max

    Water soluble Phosphate (P2O5)

    % by weight

    Water soluble Potash (K2O) % by weight 19.0%min
    Sodium as NaCl % by weight 0.5%max
    Total Chlorides (as Cl) % by weight


    Matter Insoluble in water % by weight 0.5%max
  • Recommended Crops

    Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses, Cotton, Sugarcane and Tea. It can be applied at any stage of the crop.

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